Terms And Conditions

Our Terms And Conditions


i. Sales Agent shall always deal fairly and respectfully with one another.

ii. New Sales Agent will be truthfully about their rights and obligations. No information on potential revenues and earnings opportunities must be given.

iii. Sales Agent are not permitted to persuade other Sales Agent to change sponsor within GoPlus Network.

iv. All information relating to the goods must be comprehensive and truthful.

v. A Sales Agent may not guarantee any specific remuneration or create false expectations. 

vi. A Sales Agent may not claim that the remuneration plan have been approved, authorized, or are supported by a state authority.



i. The following terms and conditions apply to all Sales Agent in their representative capacities as autonomous and independent affiliates of GoPlus Network.

ii. GoPlus Network will provide its services exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.

iii. Without being obliged to do so, the Sales Agent has the opportunity to sell GoPlus Network products that it may choose freely. 

iv. The Sales Agent shall receive a commission for his role as a Sales Agent.

v. Registration is free-of-charge . Additionally, there is a further opportunity, with no obligation, to sell the GoPlus Network products and to receive a commission on the products sold by the acquired Sales Agent.

vi. The commission and the manner in which any monies are paid out or the claim to commission based on the remuneration plan valid at the specific point in time.

vii. GoPlus Network shall provide to Sales Agent an Online Back Office ("Back Office") at no charge that enables the Sales Agent to have an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of his revenues, commissions, and down line developments. The Sales Agent can find information about content and pricing of the product in his Back Office.



i. Agreements may be entered into with legal entities, partnerships, or natural persons who or whose representatives are 18 years of age or older and entrepreneurs as defined under applicable law.

ii. If online order or application forms are used, these shall apply as a component of the agreement.

iii. The agreement may only be entered into online via the GoPlus Network website and corresponding e-mail confirmation from GoPlus Network.

iv. The Sales Agent is obliged to complete the Sales Agent agreement fully and properly and to submit it to GoPlus Network. Additionally, the Sales Agent must check the corresponding box before concluding the registration process to acknowledge these General Terms and Conditions for Sales Agent and accept them as a contractual component.

v. The Sales Agent is and will remain an independent contractor in his or her relationship with GoPlus Network. 

vi. GoPlus Network shall not be responsible for withholding taxes with respect to the Sales Agent's compensation here under.

vii. The Sales Agent shall have no claim against GoPlus Network here under or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, social security, worker's compensation, health or disability benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, or employee benefits of any kind. 

viii. The Sales Agent is not subject to any sales targets, acceptance, sales or other operational obligations.

ix. The Sales Agent is not bound by any instructions from GoPlus Network and carries the full commercial risk of his commercial activity including the obligation to bear all of his commercial costs and the obligation to properly pay his employees if he employs staff. The Sales Agent must organize and operate his business in line with the principles of a prudent businessman, which also includes operating his own office premises or a place of work managed in accordance with the principals of a prudent businessman.

x. Any changes to the Sales Agent's personal data must be made without undue delay in the GoPlus Network Back Office at the point specified in advance for this purpose.

xi. GoPlus Network reserves the right to reject Sales Agent applications at its own discretion without providing a reason.

xii. In the event of a breach of the obligations stipulated in any part of this agreement, GoPlus Network is entitled to terminate the Sales Agent agreement without notice and without prior warning and where relevant to demand the repayment of any commission already paid. Additionally, in the event of a termination without notice, GoPlus Network expressly reserves the right to assert further claims for compensation.

xiii. The Sales Agent is responsible for complying with the relevant statutory provisions including stipulations under tax and social-security law. To that extent, the Sales Agent warrants that he will pay tax on all commission income and revenue from the exploitation of the products offered generated in the course of his role as Sales Agent for GoPlus Network. 

xiv. GoPlus Network reserves the right to deduct the respective amount for taxes and contributions from the agreed commission. GoPlus Network will not make any social-security contributions for the Sales Agent. The Sales Agent is not entitled to make any declarations or enter into any obligations in the name of GoPlus Network.

xv. The Sales Agent must respect the Islamic prayers time while conducting a seminar or preview.



i. Sales Agent register with GoPlus Network as an entrepreneur and not a consumer.

ii. Sales Agent may terminate his account in text form (by letter or e-mail) within 14 days without specifying reasons.

iii. Sales Agent can only enjoy the Free account for 3 ( Three ) months and after which the account will be terminated and removed from the system. Sales Agent will loose all relevent income from the entire network.

iv. If within 90 days of his registration with GoPlus Network the Sales Agent has not activate his account as defined above or has otherwise taken advantage of Free services of GoPlus Network, GoPlus Network reserves the right to issue an extraordinary termination to the Sales Agent by e-mail and to delete him from the sales system. To re-registration of the Sales Agent after termination, Sales Agent have to register as per new Sales Agent.



i. GoPlus Network does not charge any annual membership, administration and support fee for the use and maintenance, administration, support and care of the GoPlus Network service (Back Office), unless this is specially stated.

ii. GoPlus Network will charge a 5% administration fee for withdrawal of commissions. Minimum commission for withdrawal is RM50

iii. GoPlus Network will deduct charges from commissions for delivery of products to his customers.



i. The Sales Agent undertakes to protect his personal passwords and login IDs from third-party access. When performing his activities, the Sales Agent is prohibited from infringing the rights of GoPlus Network, its Sales Agent, affiliated companies or other third parties, to harass third parties or otherwise to violate applicable law. In particular, the Sales Agent is not permitted to give incorrect or misleading information about GoPlus Network products or the sales system for GoPlus Network products. In the context of both his promotional activity, the Sales Agent will only make statements about the products of the GoPlus Network range and the GoPlus Network sales system that correspond to the stipulations on content in the GoPlus Network promotional and information materials. Further, unsolicited promotional e-mails, promotional faxes or promotional SMS messages (spam) is also prohibited. Additionally, misuse or performing unlawful acts such as the use of unauthorized or unfair advertising (e.g. misleading statements) is prohibited. Nowhere on a piece of advertising may the Sales Agent make or claim any information about his income or earning potential at GoPlus Network.

ii. Sales and marketing activities must not falsely claim that any commission will be paid as a "headhunter's bonus" or otherwise in connection with the mere acquisition of a new Sales Agent.

iii. No other any acts may be performed that give rise to the impression that the sales system being advertised is an unlawful sales system, namely an illegal progressive snowball system or pyramid system or that it in any other way operates a fraudulent sales system; similarly, there may also be no pretense that GoPlus Network operates a currency investment or interest-generating investment or other financial transaction via third parties.

iv. The use, manufacture and distribution of the Sales Agent's own sales documentation, Internet pages, product brochures, promotional videos or films or other online or offline media and advertising material produced at the Sales Agent's own initiative is only permitted subject to the prior approval of GoPlus Network. Similarly, the promotion of GoPlus Network services via one's own or third-party Internet pages is only allowed subject to the prior written consent of GoPlus Network.

v. If the Sales Agent promotes the services of GoPlus Network in other Internet media such as social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google+), online blogs or chatroom's, he may only use the official GoPlus Network advertising messages.

vi. The Sales Agent may present the services of and membership of GoPlus Network face-to-face, at home parties or events, online home parties, webinars, or other online presentations in accordance with applicable law and with a right of revocation.

vii. The Sales Agent is responsible for paying all travel costs, expenses, office costs, telephone costs, or other expenditure for advertising materials.

viii. All presentation, advertising, training, and video/film materials etc. (including photographs) of GoPlus Network are protected by copyright.

ix. The Sales Agent is not allowed to respond to press requests about GoPlus Network, its services, the GoPlus Network marketing plan, or other GoPlus Network services. The Sales Agent undertakes to forward all press queries without undue delay to GoPlus Network at info@goplusnetwork.com.com. Further, the Sales Agent may also only make public statements (e.g. television, radio, Internet forums) about GoPlus Network, the products of the GoPlus Network range, and the GoPlus Network sales system subject to the prior written consent of GoPlus Network.

x. Customer inquiries or complaints of any kind about the products, service or remuneration system must be forwarded to GoPlus Network at info@goplusnetwork.com without undue delay.

xi. The Sales Agent are prohibited at all times from selling or otherwise distributing their own marketing and/or sales documents to other Sales Partners of GoPlus Network.

xii. The use of chargeable telephone numbers for marketing the activity or products of GoPlus Network is not permitted.

xiii. Under no circumstances may the Sales Agent enable himself or his family members, other Sales Agent, or other third parties to acquire any products in excess of their own demand in order to generate or give a false impression of commission claims.

xiv. The Sales Agent undertakes to notify GoPlus Network truthfully and without undue delay of any breaches of the rules of the General Terms and Conditions for Sales Agent or other violations of applicable law by other affiliates.



i. The Sales Agent is required to maintain absolute confidentiality over the company secrets of GoPlus Network and its structure. The company secrets also include in particular data of customers and Sales Agent as well as the information on the down line activities and the information contained therein. This obligation will continue to apply even after the end of the Sales Agent agreement.

ii. Sales Agent agrees that [he or she] will not disclose any of the aforesaid, directly or indirectly, or use any of them in any manner, either during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, except as required in the course of this engagement with GoPlus Network. All files, records, documents, blueprints, specifications, information, letters, notes, media lists, original artwork/creative, notebooks, and similar items relating to the business of GoPlus Network, whether prepared by Sales Agent or otherwise coming into his/her possession, shall remain the exclusive property of GoPlus Network.



i. The Sales Agent is entitled to transfer his sales structure subject to prior written consent from GoPlus Network. 



i. The governing law shall be that of the registered office of GoPlus Network with the exclusion of UN sales law. This is without prejudice to any mandatory provisions of the state in which the Sales Agent has his normal place of residence.



GoPlus Network is entitled to amend the General Terms and Conditions for Sales Agent at any time.